“We’re back” – KilkennyMusic.com gets a new lease of life

There may be life in the old dog yet

There may be life in KilkennyMusic.com yet.

I’m (Ken) pretty sure that there’s been a holding page on for the best part of the last two years. Indeed, a photo on Instagram that popped up recently showed a 2014 post revamping the website. Maybe theatre got in the way.

A lot has changed since KilkennyMusic.com began.

Back At The Beginning

In the heady days of 2005, we were all scrambling about MySpace. Bebo was used to plug the One Take Sessions and get people in the door to gigs. Facebook was the game-changer, opening up all manner of opportunities.

Something of an old Kilkenny Music crew shot (L-R): Ken, Mickey, Daw, Ross
Something of an old Kilkenny Music crew shot (L-R): Ken, Mickey, Daw, Ross

As a group we worked with hundreds of musicians and bands over a near ten-year period, putting on countless shows weekend after weekend, month after month. Artists have come and gone, venues have come and gone, promoters have come and gone.

For us, it took it’s toll, so things quietened down, then fizzled out. Nostalgia is only natural.

We’re Back?

It’s a line Ross (Costigan) would use at the beginning of each Sound System Podcast. Including, I’m pretty sure, the first one, when we hadn’t been anywhere to be “back”.

But back we are, or we as in I. 2017 was something of a watershed year in Kilkenny for love and loss in music. If one can contribute like before to help keep the flag flying for the Marble City, then that’s what I’ll do.

Gone are the days of loading vans for gigs, paying bands out of your own pocket so they get sorted, hoping people turn up to shows. The digital world is a different beast altogether. These days you’ll find me on the radio side of things with KCLR, Monday to Friday from 3pm.

The latest holding page said “31.01.18 – Soon”. That soon is now.

So let’s shout.

I’ll use KilkennyMusic.com to shout about what’s happening on the ground. I’ll use the airwaves to do similar. If you’re touring to Kilkenny, playing in Kilkenny, or have music to share – shout. Contact me here, or here. Tweet @kilkennymusic or hit Facebook here.



Ken McGuire

The one who kicked off KilkennyMusic.com back in the heady days of 2005. Now a radio head at KCLR, award-winning podcaster, producer, food blogger at Ken On Food, music nerd and everything else in between.

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